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    Bowman Disability Law represents clients applying for disability benefits as well as those working through the appeals process. Having dedicated most of his career to advocating for disabled people, our attorney is familiar with the necessary elements of different kinds of disability-related cases.

    As a law firm, we are prepared to accommodate the special needs of our clients facing mobility issues. We provide free case evaluations to all potential clients, no matter where they are in the process.

      Heart disease
      High blood pressure
      Mental Health
      Children’s Cases
      Orthopedic Cases

    We Will Learn Everything About Your Case

    Those experiencing the most severe symptoms of their condition are often approved immediately. However, the approval process may take more time if your symptoms are less severe or harder to demonstrate. Our firm can parse out even the most complex cases and fight for the benefits that are rightfully yours.

    If you choose to let us represent you, we will take it upon ourselves to become experts on your situation. We will listen carefully to the experiences you share with us and review your medical records.

    Having represented disability benefit claimants for more than 25 years, our attorney already understands the complexities of various conditions and how their symptoms can affect one’s capacity to work. By applying our knowledge of the Social Security Administration’s expectations, we can devise a legal strategy to present your claim in its best light.

    We Will Track the Status of Your Claim

    SSI and SSDI claims are well-known for their long processing timeline. While hiring an attorney is not guaranteed to speed up your results, having legal representation may be instrumental to preventing delays. Our legal team will help you by:

      Obtaining necessary medical records
      Reaching out for regular status updates
      Making arrangements to procure additional information
      Assisting you in accurately completing forms and questionnaires

    For the average claimant filing alone these tasks may be troublesome, but they are simply part of everyday operations for our team.

    You Don’t Have to File Alone

    As a client of Bowman Disability Law, you will have our professional support through each step of applying for and receiving SSI and SSDI benefits.

    Our attorney is confident in taking on the difficult cases and we stand by our commitments. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you or to schedule a FREE case evaluation.

    We’ll Ensure You are Paid - Correctly

    It can take 90 days or more to receive your first check after being awarded disability benefits.

    In rare cases, checks are lost, or other details on the check—including the amount—is inaccurate.

    By the time a claimant reaches this step in the process, it can be frustrating for them to have to straighten out the details. Our attorney understands how your benefits are calculated and can help you advocate for your rights in this situation.

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